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The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies Review – Updated April 2021

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies Review

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies Review – Updated April 2021

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There’s no denying that the pandemic changed the world forever. It was nothing short of a tailspin. But there have been a lot of positives that have come out from it. Our perspectives have changed. Be it about staying fit at home or about natural, alternative therapies. Herbs in particular have found a renewed interest, as made evident from the popularity of the Lost Book of Herbal Remedies.

Talk herbs and you picture herbalists and preppers walking around in groups talking scientific jargon, that’s incredibly-boring. But would you believe if we told you that you can possibly fix a fractured bone yourself in the absence of medical help? Or that you can treat rhinitis with plants that might be growing in your backyard?

That’s the kind of information that you get with the Lost Book of Herbal Remedies. It’s no wonder that caregivers, families, students and even the average American has taken a keen interest to it. Let’s face it. There might be similar situations in the near or distant future medical care may not be immediately accessible.

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies can prepare you for such situations. Let’s dive into our detailed Lost Book of Herbal Remedies review.

An overview of the Lost Book of herbal remedies

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies is a 318-page herbal medicine bible. It’s perfect for both, experienced and rookie herbalists, survivors or anybody else who would like to stay informed about the potential medical benefits of plants growing in North America. It’s not limited to exotic herbs that you’d find deep inside forest preserves mind you. There are detailed sections that cover healing plants, herbs, trees, mushrooms and lichens.

It is available in both, digital and paperback form, which gives you the flexibility to carry it with you at all times.

What do you get in the Lost Book of Herbal Remedies?

A lot of people wonder whether the information in the Lost book is really worth it. Well, for starters, it contains detailed information about 181 botanicals with potential medical properties. These include plants, mushrooms, shrubs, water plants, trees and lichens. All of these are found across the continent.

By detailed, we mean really, really detailed.

  • You get 318 pages with colored pictures for identification.
  • There are detailed guides to spot 181+ plants and avoid mistaking it for similar looking ones.
  • There are 800+ herbal medicinal recipes
  • Harvesting techniques, extraction recipes and the conditions that each herb can treat are covered as well. 
  • For instance, you only need to harvest the root of certain herbs. While others need to be harvested with the leaves and stem. 
  • Two bonus freebie books worth $48! 

You might have heard about a few of these from your grand parents mind you. Now we know why it’s called grandma’s recipes.

But most of them are benefits about plants that you probably weren’t aware of.

About Nicole Apelian & Claude Davis

The Lost book of herbal remedies is written by Dr. Nicole Apelian and Claude Davis. Claude is the author of two other bestselling books, the Lost ways & The Lost Ways II. He’s also an ardent survivalist at askaprepper.com, and a history expert. He made headlines a few years ago when he decided to live off the grid with his family. He’s been living in the wild for years now. He generates his own electricity, clean water, harvests meat that he hunts himself. It’s a lifestyle that most can only dream of.

Nicole Apelian in Africa
Nicole Apelian demonstrating a herbal extract

Nicole Apelian on the other hand is a name that you might be more familiar with. 

  • She was a contestant on the second season of the History Channel reality show, Alone.
  • Her resume mentions her as a scientist & a biologist.
  • She has worked as a field-guide for years in the African Bush
  • Her skill set includes anthropology
  • She’s also traditional skills instructor and researcher, not necessarily in this order.

In case you were unaware, Nicole survived for 57-days on Vancouver Island in the show. Her survival skills were the talk of the town. She could identify and eat 26-species of foods and managed to hold on, even when she survived a multiple sclerosis attack in the outdoor.

Guess what she was carrying with her? A knife! If there’s anyone in the world, who has the experience and the mud-on-boots information to create a collection of herbs that can help you survive, it’s Nicole Apelian and Claude Davis.

How easy is it to use the Lost Book of Herbal Remedies?

Herbs, by default are uninteresting. If we asked you to peer through a book of plants, how likely are you to sit through 318 pages? But that’s where the Lost Book of Remedies differs. The information is presented in such an interesting and intriguing way, that most people will read the book in one go.

  • Everything is perfectly organized. There’s an index which lets you flip through to any page or plant.
  • The herbs are categorized into backyard plants, forest plants, Trees & shrubs, Mushrooms & Lichens and water-loving plants
  • You can search herbs by the state they are found in. What herbs are you most likely to find around your home?
  • There’s a large section for harvesting techniques. Even if you have never harvested herbs, you can learn everything from scratch. This includes drying herbs, powdering them, encapsulating the powder. You can also extract teas & decoctions. The book teaches you how to extract oils, salves, and make tinctures. One of the best part is to learn double extractions and how to make poultices.
  • Last but not the least, there’s a section on household remedies. These are common ingredients that you can find around home and use for quick hacks.
The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies PDF never makes you feel like you are reading a difficult botany textbook. Instead, it’s like flipping through a children’s book. It’s that easy.

Practical Applications of the lost book of herbal remedies PDF

The Lost book of herbal remedies aims to reduce our dependency on conventional medicine. It never claims to be an alternative to medicine mind you. Rather, you can look at it as a guide that will help you understand the potential uses of plants and trees that are found around us.

But, most of us have relied on modern medicine forever. So we wont blame you if you look at it with some amount of skepticism.

  • Is it really possible to use this book to heal infections?
  • Can you set a broken bone if you are out camping and dont have access to medicine?
  • Or treat diarrhea or skin rashes?

Well, as unbelievable as it sounds, it can be.

We carefully scrutinized the lost book from head to toe. We read every remedy and even practically tried to extract some of the herbs. This is our review.

Our Lost book of herbal remedies review

  1. There’s very little need for special tools or equipment. Even if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, you can possibly extract these herbs with zero problems.
  2. The guide makes it extremely easy to identify herbs. There are pictures and comprehensive text accompanying them. Most importantly, it shows you how to identify potentially dangerous doppelgangers. For instance, Wild Grapes and Canadian Moonseed looks exactly identical. But Moonseed contains toxic lodes of dauricine, which can even kill you.
  3. These are not exotic herbs that are found in some Peruvian rainforest. You can find most of them around your home. That’s what makes this so appealing.
  4. The conditions that you can treat or alleviate with herbs is exhaustive. From common ones like fever and heartburn, to rarer ones like viral infections and seizures, there are natural remedies for everything. We really liked the remedies for conditions that we ourselves have experienced in the outdoor, such as food poisoning and skin rashes.
  5. There are herbs which are perfectly suited for every day use as well. For instance, herbs that can be used long term for reducing cholesterol levels. Plants that can help you improve insulin resistance and so on.

Who is the Lost Book of Herbal Remedies best suited for?

That’s one of the things that people often ask us. Is the Lost Book of herbal remedies the right thing for me?

This is what we think. There’s no perfect demographic or interest that we can think of for the Lost book. It can be useful for anybody, irrespective of their age, sex, gender or geographical location. Students, teachers, teenagers, campers, preppers, survivalists, naturalists, families, caregivers, miners, tourists, anybody who spends time outdoors should carry a copy of this around. It’s like an SOS tool that might come in handy any time.

What could be better in the Lost book of herbal remedies?

The Lost Book covers around 181 North American Herbs.

It could do with a section on South American and Canadian herbs maybe. We know that it would probably be too much information for one book. But if the authors are listening, then here’s feedback for the Lost Book II.

Money Back Guarantee

We really like that the Lost Book of Herbal Remedies comes with a 60-day unconditional money back guarantee. If you do not like the book for whatever reason, you can claim a refund. You get your money back, no questions asked.

So you’ve got nothing to lose really. Just try it out. There’s also another guarantee that it comes with. Claude Davis claims that if you cannot save at least $37 on medicines with the information that you get in the Lost book, they will refund the $37, which is what the Lost Book costs. That’s amazing! Isn’t it?

The Lost book Coupons

At the time of writing this post, there’s a 55% discount offer running on the Lost Book. This is a March 2021 coupon mind you. We will update this with an April coupon in a few days. Based on our experience with the popularity of this book, these offers run only until stocks last. That’s generally two to three days. So, if you are interested in the book, you might want to get a copy now.

Closing thoughts

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies is a very handy and useful guide for anyone looking to get started with medicinal herbs. The information is comprehensive and very practical.

It can be very useful in every day situations that you encounter at home, or while you are travelling.

Check out the official website to learn more about it and to get the March 2021 discount coupon (Not available on other websites).

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